Trailer Repair and Services

Exposed engine of a truck’s open bumper

Smoother Drives, Safer Roads

A well-maintained trailer truck means a safer road for everyone. That's why we offer preventive maintenance services to catch small issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. Of course, even the best-maintained vehicles can experience problems on the road. When that happens, trust our team to fix it quickly and efficiently. We specialize in maintenance and diagnostics, electronics repair, engine rebuilds, and brakes.

What We Can Do For You

Mr. Diesel provides repairs and maintenance to any kind of semi-tractor and trailer.

Inspection and Diagnostics

We perform thorough inspections and use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately assess your vehicle's issues.

Motor Vehicle Inspection

Our team is trained and certified to perform motor vehicle inspections on semi-tractors, ensuring that your truck is up-to-code and safe on the road.

Electronic Repairs

Our team has the skills and equipment to repair or replace electronic systems, including engine controls, lighting systems, and more.

Brakes Maintenance and Repair

Brakes are one of the crucial things that should be kept good and running for road safety. We can assess and repair any problem with your vehicle’s most important safety component.

Clutch and Drivetrain Services

We offer clutch repairs and tune-ups, as well as services for drivetrain components such as differentials and PTOs.

Other Maintenance & Repair Services

In addition to the above services, we can also handle general maintenance and repairs such as oil changes, fluid flushes, and tire changes. Don’t let a truck breakdown slow down your business.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Semi-Tractors

Here are a few things you might want to check before scheduling a service

  • ● Air conditioning
  • ● Coolant
  • ● Electrical system
  • ● Tire pressure
  • ● Windshield
  • ● Brakes

How Often Should You Service Your Tractor and Trailer?

While it varies per truck, age of the vehicle, and operating environment, your tractor and trailer should receive maintenance services depending on their mileage.

● Basic maintenance service: every 15,000 miles. This service includes checking basic truck necessities like lights and brake functionality.

● Thorough inspections: every 30,000 miles. In this inspection, your oil will be changed, also your air, oil, and fuel filters.

● Full inspection and maintenance: at least 1 per year. Here, your truck’s engine performance will be analyzed. If a problem is found, there’s a chance it will get replaced.

All You Need for Safer, Smoother Driving

What matters most to us at Mr. Diesel is ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our repair services and complete engine rebuilds are carefully executed by our highly skilled and experienced technicians, using only the highest quality parts. Trust us to bring your engine back to its optimal functioning state for a smoother, safer driving experience.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are trained and certified to handle all your diesel engine needs with precision and care.

Quality Parts

We only use the best replacement parts, ensuring durability and improved engine function.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we stand behind our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Request A Call Back

We can provide you with a free estimate on the cost of repair for your semi-tractor/trailers.