Complete Engine Rebuilds

steel automotive engine

Rebuild as Good as New

Vehicles are powered from the inside out. And the engine, as a crucial component, is the driving force behind everything. But over time and with constant use, engines can experience wear and tear leading to decreased performance and even breakdowns. That's where complete engine rebuilds come in. This is a thorough process that replaces worn-out parts and restores the engine to its original or even better functioning state.

Service Inclusions

Removal of Engine

By removing the engine from the vehicle, its issues can be diagnosed at close range to determine the problem areas.


Dismantling an engine is systematic and takes precise care. This allows for a thorough inspection of each component and the replacement or reconditioning of any worn parts.

Clean & Polish

Dirt buildup or corrosion can have a negative impact on engine performance. Cleaning and polishing allow for improved function and aesthetics.

Parts Replacement

Alternative solutions come in refurbishment or a complete replacement that meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.


Recalibrate the internal surfaces from the crankshafts, pistons, and cylinders to a good working condition.

Reassembly & Installation

Reassemble every building block and component that an engine runs a capacity of a thousand miles more.

All You Need for Safer, Smoother Driving

What matters most to us at Mr. Diesel is ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our repair services and complete engine rebuilds are carefully executed by our highly skilled and experienced technicians, using only the highest quality parts. Trust us to bring your engine back to its optimal functioning state for a smoother, safer driving experience.

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are trained and certified to handle all your diesel engine needs with precision and care.

Quality Parts

We only use the best replacement parts, ensuring durability and improved engine function.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Your satisfaction is our top priority, that's why we stand behind all of our work


An efficiently running engine leaves no automotive idle for long. Value reliability over cost. Our expert technicians will get to the bottom of it.